Balance and Composure: Postcard Track & Short Review

Balance and Composure have received a lot of criticism for this song, for one reason only: electronic drums. In the nine years (!) they’ve been around, they’ve stuck with a winning ethereal rock formula — and while they’ve taken chances within that realm, their diverse catalog has never dipped into anything electronic. Until now.

Don’t get it twisted – this is not some EDM anthem, and you won’t hear a bass drop. But for certain rock purists, it doesn’t matter — the mere idea that a computer may have directly assisted with the drum sound is enough to send them skittering back into the¬†warm arms of their vinyl collection. Fair enough – but this song is the perfect progression for Balance and Composure. It retains their core¬†(both musically and emotionally) while reaching for new grounds, and the result is one of the catchiest songs to come out in 2016.

Oh, and the video is phenomenal, too — check it out and listen to “Postcard” below. As long as you don’t have a phobia of drum patterns.