Britney Spears: Glory Album and Short Review

Britney Spears - Glory album coverPeople who only like “cool” music scoff at Britney listeners, which is essentially brushing off the idea of catchy pop. Fine, but you’re missing out.

Overall? Glory is pretty good, and all the more impressive for a pop career that started in the 90’s.

Make Me” is actually one of the more boring songs on Brit’s new album, despite being the biggest single. Some of the better deep cuts include Man on the Moon, Slumber Party, and Love Me Down.

Say what you want about Britney, but her staying power alone speaks volumes. Not many pop singers are consistently relevant for decades, and she continues her streak with this record.

Get your Glory on below.

Tegan and Sara: Stop Desire Track & Short Review:

So, Tegan and Sara have come out with a few new songs lately (and now album, Love You to Death). “Stop Desire” is the best single yet. It has the heart of a classic T&S song (think So Jealous or earlier) but with a modern, “we’re mature and electro-pop-ish” twist. Great 80’s drums and shimmering crystal choruses. Reverb sprinkled in all the right places. A well-crafted pop song.

Listen to “Stop Desire” by Tegan and Sara below.